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Kawamura Design inherits the code and heritage of the Samurai.  This Japanese heritage changed the design language to improve swords by incorporating a slicing curve to the cutting edge to make the best sword of its time.   In all of our projects we implement an improved  design language surrounding the product, the user, and the culture to mate quality with innovation.  The product should enhance the brand image and company reputation to create a seamless coherent identity proudly displayed to the global community. 

You will notice a variety of styling motifs adorning the products we design, this is because we design for the target user and not for our ego.  We design for the user experience and functional need.  Styling is the introduction that must lift the buyer above indecision.  The quality is the hook that keeps a loyal customer.  And buyer delight comes from the experience of great product performance!

Our design language involves the many aspects in which a product lives. While most are limited by the UX and UI, we include the in-service experience, manufacturing methods, the protective packaging and optimal container yield for each project.   Each new project benefits from the dynamically evolved experience gained from our previous projects.  A product line has identity like siblings, each has their individual strengths and talents,  Family identity is a “common affection” but not twins.  We create the ”WOW” factor based on key visual cues that accentuate the advantages and strengths in displaying features obvious through key touch points exemplifying the products  differentiation; thereby, creating the Legendary!

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