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Our Process

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Kawamura Design uses a 6 metric convergent analysis to help you determine if your target market will accept your product by using our proprietary 3D charts.  This charting method shows whether your product will hit the sweet spot, and what areas need to be improved.  In the Far East the dragon chases the ball of fortune, shown in red which is the goal on the nearside of the Capture Cube shown in pink.  Once the resulting blue area is encompassed within the pink cube then fortune is assured.

6 Metric Graph Product A

Kawamura Design visualizes in 3D so our experience can incorporate all processes in 3D.  Each node represents a development step.  Each step ties to relative disciplines necessary to reach a successful conclusion to your product.  The nodes are so inter-related that our design, engineering, and manufacturing effort is an inclusive effort with full knowledge of all the disciplines shown.  Once this process is fully specified then your project will go through our spiral development process.

Random Paths

Kawamura Design has spent over 35 years developing thousands of products with a 99.8% success rate from our proven spiral development process.  Our spiral process shown below begins development at the outer ring and allows agile course corrections unlike the rigid sequential “over the wall” process. The Kawamura spiral process gives equal emphasis and control to each department allowing 6 rings of review during each progressive quadrant to ensure minimal risk to outcomes; thereby, retaining the original intent and specification of the product..

Spiral Development CW A

Kawamura Design has vetted dozens of suppliers and contract manufacturers using our 12 step validation process.  Only the most compliant facilities have become our suppliers.  The 12 steps are: 1) leadership that is transparent in accountability; 2) complete understanding of specifications; 3) continuous training in quality control; 4) trained workers with perceptive comparative analysis; 5) socially responsible ergonomic facility environment; 6) equipment suited for desired outcome;  7) daily maintenance inspection;  8) adherence to process standards; 9) unambiguous manufacturing SOP, 10) regulatory and product specific testing procedures;  11) verifiable certified materials; 12) traceable origination and validation of components.

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