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Kawamura Design ideation comes from the desire to express the product with an image of continuity.  Ideation involves real time sketching to express the ideas in a clear and concise illustration.  Working with our clients, sketches accurately depict the conceptual ideals tucked within the clients mind.  After the sketches, the product becomes a model from 3D printing, hand fabrication using rigid and soft  foam, wood, metal,  plastic, urethane casting, or by CNC mills and lathes.  Foamcore models are fast and cost effective and by adding structure they can carry loads.  Computer 3D modeling using realistic rendering techniques can stand alone or be spliced into an environment using Photoshop for a realistic representation of the product in real life settings.

Concept A
Ballsketches MasstronSketch
CMI Breathalyzer 003 (2)
FS sketch
AspenSketch ClassicAttacheLining
Hillman Consortium MyPhone
ICC WallChargerModel1
Ray Side by Side ThumbsUpHeadphones
Rectal Stimulator 2
C-Tray XPodVR Front240216
EclectricAvenue iPadiPhone Charger MKD 070614A Front LED
FoamLuggageConcept Pen Photo clip side
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