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Kawamura Design carries the heritage of the Samurai. Successfully cutting through distractions with leading edge swordsmanship since 1195 ad with honor, integrity and vision to focus on the details that matter.

Client sales from our designs since 1980 exceed $5 billion dollars. Our emphasis is on 100% project completion, to stay within a fixed budget, deliver client tangibles, and design products for the best possible  user experience.  We have a diversified client list in the: computer, medical, toy, and consumer markets.  Kawamura Design uses this diverse crossover knowledge to create coherent solutions that accurately analyze each step of development up to final delivery.  Kawamura Design helps clients invent, design, develop and manufacture innovative products for evolutionary or revolutionary disruptive technologies.  By being in front of the cutting edge  and by being a visionary for market fulfillment; Kawamura Design products lift the buyer above indecision through the first impression of familiar operation.

Our superb client list includes: Amalgam,  American Coin, American Hospital, AeroGrow, Ball Aerospace, Bard, Beacon Labs, BI, Bovie, California Pro, Camann Helmets, ConMed, Crescent Moon, Cybermedic, DataSonic, Destron IDI, Dynamac, Enseco, Exabyte, Federal Signal, Ford, GE, ICC,, IBM,  Kryptonics, Lenovo, Masstron, McData, Melco, Minson, NBI, Oracle, Orange Surgical, Otter Box, Pare Surgical, Quantum, Samsonite, Scotts/MiracleGro, StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, Targus, Tecnica, Terrasonde, ValleyLab, Wright Medical, Zimmer Medical and many others.

“There is no such thing as failure only the resistance to move forward.”            - -Robert Bromley 2006


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Pronounced:          say-koh; it means to reach achievement each step of the way.  Success.

Get it Done, Get it Right!

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