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The first shadow-less light source for small deep cavity surgery.   Kawamura Design provided this intuitive solution for surgeons by putting the light source right at the surgeons fingertips.  Innovation that takes surgery out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century. For years the surgeon was limited by shadows from overhead lights and then head mounted or cavity mounted lights.  Placing light at the surgical point of contact is the correct answer to surgeon visibility.  This is another “World first” product from Kawamura Design that required the development of a special battery, soft drape cord, and a combination momentary contact switch with optional full on lighting.  Complies with ISO 60601-2-2 requirements. Domestic and international patents applied for.


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Surgical procedures continuously strive to provide better cosmetic effects with less and less invasive products.  Kawamura Design is proud to have designed the Pare’ Surgical MicroGrip.  MicroGrip is a 2.8mm laparoscopic device that is percutaneous using the latest advancements in surgery to eliminate canulas.  MicroGrip is another “World first” product from Kawamura Design that required the development of special manufacturing techniques for memory metals and an ergonomic solution for a 360 degree one handed ratchet release handle. The MicroGrip Ratcheting Handle is a major platform advancement compatible with laparoscopic and endoscopic instruments.  Domestic and international patents applied for.

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ConMed Altrus is the next generation in energy based vessel sealing technology. Based on a thermal energy platform, Altrus offers a variety of differentiating features over competitive devices.  Kawamura Design implemented a bread crumb GUI interface and a self aligning connector plug to eliminate visual orientation to the plug socket.  Kawamura Design designed  the current family of Conmed energy based medical equipment such as the System 5000, System 2450, System 2500 and Altrus.

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