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Kawamura Design is a match maker for manufacturing. Our clients range from venture start-up to Fortune 100 companies.  Factories range greatly in size, technology, quality. and price.  A match made factory can provide good responsive service, and treat you with the respect you deserve. Match made materials for your products to get the durability you specify.  Match made technology is important so you get the innovation you need. Match made quality to fulfill your price expectations.   We deal only with the originating source of every component, material and process.  We partner with strategic alliances that benefit our “Can Do” American ingenuity, Japanese quality standards using SPC, and Chinese economic advantages.  Factories range from 50 people to small villages of 15,000 workers.  We design products to match the market and select factories to match your needs.

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Kawamura Design uses the following processes such as injection molding, plastic, aluminum and magnesium extrusion, roll formed stainless steel, die cast aluminum and magnesium, metal injection molding, deep draw vacuum forming, pressure assist vacuum forming, progressive die stamping, injection blow molding, rotational molding, 3D printing, CNC fabrication, PU castings, sand castings, co-extrusion, co-injection, kiln forming and much more.

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